Full Schedule

Steve Diggs – Nashville, Tennessee

14 Leadership Concepts for a Challenging Culture (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 212)

Steve Diggs

Gary Dodd – Nashville, Tennessee

Faithful Love (Thursday 9:45 Rm 010)
Isaiah 6 conveys Israel will be ruined in the future and also makes it clear that all hope is not lost. A remnant of Israel will turn to God and be healed, and the future kingdom of God will spring forth from them. Isaiah prophesies a Servant will come that will faithfully love all people as expressed on the cross.

Faithful Labor (Thursday 11:00 Rm 010)
God’s power to save all people will be revealed by the work of the Suffering Servant of God. Jesus’ work on the cross expressed the purposes of God and is inextricably tied to the service of Christ’s followers today. Christians are called into a faithful labor of love as Christ works through them in His kingdom.

Gary Dodd

Ralph Gilmore – Woodbury, Tennessee

Pleasing God (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 012)

Ralph Gilmore

Hope Goode – Tartu, Estonia

Ground Up Journey in Estonia (Friday 9:45 Flag Room)
Hope shares her growth experiences as she continues to learn to balance a two-sided ministry including building up believers and exposing others to Christianity or the Bible for the first time in a culture in which those have negative connotations.

Blue Sunflowers: Shining Light on Ukraine (Friday 11:00 Flag Room)
Hope shares about a disaster relief center, children’s camps, and others navigating how to help and how to start again.

Hope Goode

Chris Graham – Fort Worth, Texas

How to Rejoice: Philippians 4:4-9 (Friday 11:00 Rm 126)
Philippians 4:4 commands rejoicing unequivocally. Philippians 4:5-9 describes how to live a life of joy in the Lord. This class will explore Paul’s five-point plan for joy.

Chris Graham

Jonathan Guevara – Plainview, Texas

Treasures in Heaven (Friday 9:45 Rm 010)
The redemptive work of Jesus needs to be expanded. As followers of Christ, we have the immense opportunity and responsibility to carry the message that transforms entire societies in all areas of life. We will explore the mission model implemented by the Treasures in Heaven project in Venezuela and see how this proposal can be implemented in Latin America. We will explore the importance of planning and adaptability of organic products, the relevance of local missionaries, social/sports services, the benefits of the sponsor/missionary relationship, and the impact on the donor church.

Jonathan Guevara

Eli Hooper – Grass Valley, California

I Saw the Lord…and Satan the Other Day (Friday 3:00 The Well)
Generation U

Eli takes a look at how being in the presence of the Lord and His fantastic work means we can also join Him in the battle against sin. Watch God and Satan go head-to-head and see what applications might help us stand strong with Christ.

Eli Hooper

Chris Johnson – Lubbock, Texas

I Saw the Lord…Heal the Brokenhearted (Friday 9:45 The Well)
Generation U
Jason Thornton and Chris observe Jesus, who not only meets people in their pain but also takes them to places they never knew they could go.

Chris Johnson

Keith Johnson – Searcy, Arkansas

Mustard Seed People (Friday 9:45 Rm 012)
A look at God’s greatness and the faith of his people. Matthew 17:20

Keith Johnson

Jeff Lane – Wolfforth, Texas

Understanding the Nature and Cause of Addiction (Thursday 9:45 Rm 126)
Addiction is a plague in America. It’s important that as we engage our society, we understand what addiction is and the factors that most commonly cause it. In this class, we’ll see that addiction is a many-faceted problem that requires a many-faceted program of recovery. Specifically, we’ll see that most addicts are adult survivors of child abuse and neglect, which has left them broken, damaged people who desperately need the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministering to Addicts and Those Who Love Them (Friday 9:45 Rm 126)
We are called to preach the word in every way. Sometimes that means preaching words of advice and instruction to those who struggle with addiction, whether that be alcohol, drugs, or some other self-destructive behavior. This class will focus on the keys to staying sober and free. As such, this class will be helpful to those struggling with addiction as well as those whose ministry involves dealing with addicts and their families.

Jeff Lane

Jason Masteller – Detroit, Michigan

I Saw the Lord…Bring Justice to the Unjust (Friday 11:00 The Well)
Generation U

God loves justice, but do we? Jason’s class examines justice from God’s perspective and answers the question, what is true justice?

Jason Masteller

Chris McCurley – Dixon, Tennessee

Love Will Keep Us Together (Thursday 9:45 Rm 124)
Jesus started with love; that’s why He hung out with sinners and why He hung on the cross for sinners. Sinners were attracted to Him because He had a vested interest in them. He loved them. All too often, we start with sin, and when we do, we can be very unloving. Be like Jesus. Start with love. Let love be the reason we address sin. Let love be the reason we do everything we do. Let love take the lead in your life.

Better Together (Thursday 11:00 Rm 124)
A word that we often hear associated with the church is fellowship. What is fellowship? Well, it’s the Latin word for a potluck, right? That’s commonly what we think of when we hear the term fellowship. Casseroles, card games, and gossip come to mind. While fellowship can certainly include food, conversation, and fun, it’s important for us to understand that fellowship is something you have, not something you do.

Chris McCurley

Billy McGuiggan – Richmond, Virginia

I Saw the Lord Who Gives Me Victory (Thursday 3:00 The Well)
Generation U
Too often, Christians walk around defeated and discouraged. Billy shows us that God has something better for us. He wants us to be victorious.

Wrestling with God: Habakkuk 3:17-19 (Friday 11:00 Rm 012)
Wrestling with God when He doesn’t do what we think He should.

Billy McGuiggan

Britton Pruitt – Lubbock, Texas

From Satellite to Online Learning (Friday 9:45 Rm 124)
We will discuss what’s new and different from the Satellite Schools to the new online learning format. We will learn about the process for individuals and churches looking to educate members.

Britton Pruitt

Jon Rowe – Phoenix, Arizona

Evangelism Made Easy (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 212)
In the first class we will discuss how to generate a Gospel discussion. The second class will discuss how to share the Gospel one-on-one.

Jon Rowe

Tim Rush – Tulsa, Oklahoma

I Saw the Lord in the Journey of Discernment (Thursday 11:00 The Well)
Generation U
Tim looks at Jesus, who defines family as those who hear his words and put them into practice. Join Christ as we go behind the scenes of our listening journey.

Tim Rush

David Schmitt – Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Seeing the Lord While Dealing with Difficult People (Friday 11:00 Rm 010)
Ministry involves working with people. People can be difficult, and the work of ministry can become frustrating and even discouraging. The Bible is filled with examples of godly people working with those who are difficult. This class seeks to help those in ministry see the Lord working in our ministry even though there may be conflict.

David Schmitt

Jana Shelburne-Brown – Lubbock, Texas

Embrace the Journey (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Flag Room)

Jana Shelburne-Brown

Jason Thornton – Tulsa, Oklahoma

I Saw the Lord…See the Brokenhearted (Thursday 9:45 The Well)
Generation U

Jason and Chris Johnson focus on the Christ who sees and cares about life’s broken and hurting people. Those whom we would ignore, Jesus is ready to meet and serve.

Jason Thornton

Bob Turner – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tactics for Leading Through Conflict (Thursday 3:00 Rm 210)
Why does conflict exist? Conflict is inevitable. How can leaders find a resolution to conflict when it occurs? In this lesson, we will explore tactics to help every leader deal with conflict that arises when implementing change.

Leading Like a Shepherd (Friday 3:00 Rm 210)
In the prayer of Jesus, we find the perfect pattern for understanding the role of the shepherd. From the text of John 17, we will focus on the ways Jesus encourages us to follow Him and lead like a shepherd.

Bob Turner

Chase Turner – Monroe, Louisiana

Mission Evangelism Spanish America (Thursday & Friday 9:45 Rm 214)
This class will offer tools to enhance or start a Spanish ministry in your area. Some of those tools will be hands-on training, website development and customization, commercials, and insight into the best methods to evangelize Spanish speakers in the US. This will be the same class for both sessions.

Chase Turner

Jeff Walker – Phoenix, Arizona

Marks of a Healthy Church: Philippians 4:1-5  (Thursday 11:00 Rm 214)
Congregations sometimes experience inner tension. Paul gives some advice that, if followed, would make the church a joyful place of worship and service.

What “R” You Doing? Psalm 119:59-63 (Friday 11:00 Rm 214)
The challenge we face is to be intentional in our walk with Christ, but we find ourselves just going through the motions. What do you do when you find yourself in a spiritual rut? The Psalmist has a remedy.

Jeff Walker

Darrell Wallace – Horse Cave, Kentucky

Be a Missionary from Your Kitchen Table with World English Institute (Friday 11:00 Rm 124)
This class will provide information about World English Institute (WEI) as an evangelistic tool in the latest great movement, Global Internet Evangelism. The discussion will cover the beginning of WEI, the program, its success, and how to use it to encourage your congregation to become personally involved in the mission for Christ.

Darrell Wallace

Bill Watkins – Nashville, Tennessee

TBA (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 210)

Bill Watkins

Joe Wells – Henderson, Tennessee

Family: Our Identity in Christ (Thursday 9:45 Rm 210)
The class will explore how families are used in remembering our identity as Christians.

Family: Follow Me as I Follow Christ (Thursday 11:00 Rm 210)
The example we set and the importance of understanding others will follow in our footsteps.

Joe Wells

Ed Wharton – Lubbock, Texas

The Highest Motivation to Soul Winning – Isa 53 (Thursday & Friday 3:00 Flag Room)
The highest motivation to reach the lost has always been and will always be the crucified Christ.

Ed Wharton

Kerry Williams – Tupelo, Mississippi

Fight the Good Fight: Spiritual Warfare in Everyday Life (Thursday 3:00 Rm 012)
As believers, we face the Devil and his forces every day. He assaults us with temptation, suffering, sickness, discouragement, and more. Yet, how often do we recognize that these troubles are actually part of our spiritual struggle? An awareness of the spiritual war can be transformative in how we see our day-to-day lives.

The Path to Maturity: Correcting Our Misunderstanding of Suffering (Friday 3:00 Rm 012)
We are instructed in Scripture to react to our suffering with PURE JOY. Likewise, Jesus taught in His Sermon on the Mount that we should “rejoice” when persecuted, and Paul yearned to “know Christ, and share in His suffering.” It seems we have lost a biblical perspective regarding suffering and, in the process, some of our power to overcome it.

Kerry Williams

Darrius Woods – Houston, Texas

Mental Health in the Church (Thursday 11:00 Rm 126)
The class will explore why mental health needs to be an important part of our churches.

Darrius Woods