I Saw the Lord... Exalting God from Isaiah 6.
…I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne (v.1). …As the terebinth and the oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land (v. 13).

January 25-28, 2023

At a time when Isaiah was burdened by the troubles of his world, he saw the Lord. What he saw was both inspiring and challenging. Now is the time for the church to look to God for inspiration and a clear call to action. Join us as we see “the Lord, high and exalted.”

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Classes – Teachers and Descriptions


  • I Saw the Lord-Isaiah 6:1 — Keith Harris Lewisville Church of Christ
  • Sovereignty and Glory of the Lord-Isaiah 6:1-2 — Jeff Walker Tonto St. Church of Christ, Phoenix
  • Praise the Lord-Isaiah 6:3 — Joe Wells Freed-Hardeman University
  • What Shall I Cry? Isaiah 40 — Greg Watson SIBI Senior
  • Holiness of God-Isaiah 6:4-5 — Ralph Gilmore Woodbury, Tennessee
  • Forgiving Lord-Isaiah 6:6-7 — Chris McCurley Walnut Street Church of Christ, Dixon, Tennessee
  • Sending Lord-Isaiah 6:8 — Darrius Woods Cloverland Church of Christ, Houston
  • Willing Servant of the Lord-Isaiah 6:8 — Kevin Haynes SIBI
  • The Mission of the Lord-Isaiah 6:9-11 — Bill Watkins Crieve Hall Church of Christ, Nashville
  • Timeless Lord – Forebears-Isaiah 6:12-13 — Billy McGuiggan Three Chopt Church of Christ, Richmond, Virginia

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